Fist Fight – American Comic Drama Film

Fist Fight is an upcoming 2017 American comic drama film directed by Richie Keen and written by EvanSusser and Van Robichaux. The film stars Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Christina Hendricks, and Tracy Morgan Dennis Haysbert.

This movie is said to be a remake of the 1987 youngster comic drama Three O’Clock High, and the film is set to be released on February 17, 2017, worldwide.






The cast of the movie is promising with well-known comedy actor Ice Cube acted as Mr. Ron Strickland, an associate Charlie Day as Mr. Andy Campbell, English teacher, and Christina Hendricks performed as Miss Monet, an extreme drama teacher with the hots for Mr. Ron Strickland. And the cast also includes Dennis Haysbert, Norris as a principal of school, and Tracy Morgan acted as Coach Rawlins, a janitor & New Punjabi Songs

JoAnna Garcia as Maggie devoted and adored spouse of Andy Campbell. Jillian Bell as a Counselor of school. Kym Whitley as a 911 Operator.



Plot of the movie



The movie plot is unlike typical Hollywood films, after high school instructor Andy Campbell unintentionally gets his associate Ron Strickland suspended from school, Strickland moves him to an after school fight.


Ice Cube and Charlie Day starred as the secondary level teachers with their disparities the most difficult way possible. On the last day of the year, easygoing high school English teacher Andy Campbell (Day) is attempting his best to keep it together in the midst funny pranks, but one day, things went from bad to awful when he unintentionally make his colleague get suspended from school. Which leads to a fierce challenge from his colleague Ron Strickland (Download Hindi Songs), who challenges Campbell to a fist fight after school. As the news of this battle between two teachers spreads like wildfire and winds up turning into the very exciting thing this school.


Ice Cube and Charlie Day fabulously adjusted themselves as high school teachers to unravel their differences in every way possible in the comic drama Fist Fight and trailer contains many unexpected funny pranks. Richie Keen directed this movie who is known for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; this is going to be a laughter arcade show.







The production of the movie began in December 2013, this new comedy drama project was announced that New Line Cinema was building up a comic drama from journalists Van Robichaux and Evan Susser, titled as Fist Fight. Ice Cube and Charlie Day were included into star cast in the film on June 9, 2015, which 21 Laps Entertainment would produce the movie alongside its Shawn Levy with Billy Rosenberg, and Max Greenfield. On July 10, Richie Keen was affirmed to be the director of the film and Dan Cohen also included as a producer. On September 15, 2015, both Jillian Bell and Dean Norris were assigned to the project and finally, on September 21, 2015, Tracy Morgan, JoAnna Garcia as well as Dennis Haysbert joined the film crew On September 25, 2015, Christina Hendricks was added to the cast. Kym Whitley was additionally confirmed for the same.


Leading photography of the film started on September 28, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia, which finished on November 23, 2015.

The movie is officially scheduled to be released on February 17, 2017, worldwide.

If you are waiting for this comedy drama and excited to watch it in theaters stay tuned with us, we will bring more gossips and news regarding ijatt movies.

Trendy Diwali Outfits For Women

India is the only land where all the religions coexist harmoniously to celebrate all the festivals which is true manifestation of its rich culture and tradition. Diwali is the most awaited Hindu festival, celebrating with lot of pomp and show. Everybody wants to look best in this particular occasion. Here we will help you how to dress up in your favourite festival. Choose the safe range of fabric for this occasion. Prefer cotton rather than synthetic ones.

If you want to wear India ethnic dress then you have following options, Have A Look!

Anarkali Suits: This is perfect dress for any special occasion. Anarkali Dress has won the heart of many ladies. You can easily find the huge varieties in this single attire. Nowadays you can find best colors and designs in anarkali. In Anarkali you can see the fusion of traditional and modern touch.One can easily become the center of attraction by donning the anarkali of different styles like jacket style anarkali, embroidered one, simple anarkali and many more options are available here. Women can also get the anarkali according to your body type like Pear, Rectangle, Hourglass And Apple shaped women can get this dress easily.

Lehenga Choli: Make your own style statement with the designer lehengas. You can easily get stunning lehenga from many e-commerce sites. The bright coloured lehengas having low cut is best for this occasion. You can also choose the sequin embroidered, thread embroidered lehengas for this special festival. Buy the lehenga like circular lehenga choli, mermaid style, panelled, A-line, Sharara cut, Straight cut, Half Saree style and jacket style are the some popular choice of lehenga.

Palazzo Suits: This attire get its fame in this era. Women of all age groups like to wear palazzo. It is not only the trendy dress bu also the comfortable outfit. Choose the bright color for this bright festival and add the charm and grace to your look. Palazzo pants are very much popular these days, you design your dress according to your desire. It is preferable to wear dark tones, colourful prints, floral prints, animal printed pants and so on with simple shirts.

Salwar Kameez: This one is another best option for your diwali party. Get mesmeric salwar suits of different designs and colors for this occasion. Buy the embroidered salwar kameez, printed and designer suits to celebrate this festival. The three parts of salwar suit; salwar, Kameez and Dupatta come up in such an excited way that has become trend of today. You can go with Punjabi salwar kameez, side slit, front slit, off shoulder, indo western, asymmetric suits to look gorgeous for this occasion.

Saree: To look traditional and stylish then saree is the best attire for diwali occasion. You can go with red saree having golden border to look ethnic or you have huge variety like net sarees, chiffon embroidered saree, printed one and many more. You can try colours like fuchsia, tangerine, violet and green. Today, we have the option of stitched saree as well. Following are the some popular sarees:
a) Sambalpuri Saree – This wrapped garment came from East to enhance your traditional look
b) Kanchipuram Saree – This saree get popular from South and can be found everywhere.
c) Pathani Saree – Commonly find in West, but become popular all over the world.
d) Banarsi Wear – These traditional type came from North and surely gives elegant look on diwali festival.

Kurtis: Be formal and trendy at the same time by wearing kurtis. You can make your diwali really interesting day for yourself by wearing designer kurtis for this big day. Embroidered kurtis, Designer Kurtis and Printed are the good choice for everyone. You can easily get decent and stylish look by wearing this outfit for festival night. Get A-line kurti, Tail cut, Asymmetric, C-cut, Overlay kurti, Color block kurti, long straight kurti, Anarkali style, Flared, Indo-western kurtis for special occasion.

If you want to wear a Indo-Western dresses for this big occasion then go for following ones:

Gowns: If you want to be the center of attention then choose your gown carefully. The elegant gowns are embellished with heavy or little embroidery works with stones, motif and dabka work in special formations. These are available in different color schemes depends upon day or night functions. Choose the colors like marsala, scuba blue, glacier grey, tangerine, custard color, classic blue and many more are available option for women.

Cotton Skirts: These are the best substitute for the traditional heavy lehengas. The cotton skirts are enriched with the beautiful printed patterns. Paired it with matching tops, tunics and many more to look outstanding in special gathering.

Kaftans: Trendy and comfy Kaftans are the new style add-on in the Indo western category. It is airy, loose fitted and gives traditional look at the same time. You can pair this with skinny pants and leggings for best result. Choose vibrant colors for your favourite festival.

Traditional Jumpsuits: Get a jumpsuit of best fabric for your party. Traditional jumpsuit embellished with beautiful embroidery work and having dupatta is best for this occasion.

All these outfits are available in e-commerce site. Must go at wahfashion for huge and mesmeric collection and discounts.

Mp3 Player

Technology grows every day. It makes many innovations which makes our life totally changed. It invented many electronic devices which make hustle bustle in our life. It may be beneficial if we use it for positive purpose and may be negative if it used for harm others. Everybody used to listen songs in free time or getting relaxation from his work. Tech invents a new electronic device which can be easily used and carry anywhere is called Mp3 Player.

Mp3 player is an electronic device used for listening audio files. You Can play online songs at khatrimaza songs. In other words, portable player is music player which play digital mp3 audio. It built with plastic body have place from insert memory card and USB extension. By USB extension, user can upload songs in player in internal memory as well as external memory i.e. memory card. Tech makes many changes in this player. Now player has touch screen display with high storage capacity. It also has long battery life.


Its project was started in Germany in 1987 under the company named Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. The company makes long research with expert team of electronic & multimedia engineer. The team make player with high quality encoding. In 1997, Advanced Multimedia Products company has launched a new player with the help of employee named as, Tomislav Uzelac. After Research of 7 years, it produce 1st player in US market.

1st player has 32mb memory but user take option of increasing memory.2nd player was launched in 1998 by Diamond Multimedia. The company took more benefit at that time because it launched it Christmas Season. By increasing year, many new companies enter in the market and launched many players with new features like long battery hours, big display, mp3 mp4 option, more memory etc. Now many big firms launched their products like Apple, Samsung, and Motorola Etc.


  1. Storage capacity: –we can save songs in the memory of player. There is no need of external storage has largest storage capacity for load songs, consumer can load thousands tracks and forging the need of carry the tape recorded or cassettes. Recent players have capacity of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.
  2. Long Batteries Hours: – Portable devices has great feature of long batteries life. Consumer can play it for long hours. If it is fully charged, it will work up of 8 to 10 hours.
  3. Touch Screen: – Many tech companies invent products which have big screen with touch option. With touch display, user can easily access it. Mostly display is used for play video songs.
  4. Play Videos: –Portable device which has display has feature of play videos. But for video feature, it should have large internal memory. Mostly player play Mp4 version of videos.
  5. Camera:-Some devices has capability of Camera for capture pictures or making videos. But this feature is available only in high brand products. Capturing pictures by camera can be store in memory and can transfer in computer.


  1. Flashed Players: –These are players which can store files in its flash memory. These devices has memory up to 128 GB because are solid state having not moving parts.
  2. Hard Drive Players: –Devices which can read files from hard drives is called Hard Drive Players. It has capacity of 10 thousand songs because of high storage capacity up to 500 GB.
  3. Mp3 DVD Player: – Portable devices that decodes and plays files from CD/DVD Players. If we buy CD player it will be expensive. So Latest player support DVD/CD, USB, memory card for play music files.
  4. Network Audio Player: – These devices are connected with networking i.e. Wi-Fi. These are connected with Wi-Fi and user can play music online with own choice. There is no need to save files in primary memory.
  5. USB Based Player: – Those devices which support USB for play files is called USB Based players. It read files from USB and plays from USB port.
  6. Memory Card Based Player: – user can use memory card for play songs.

Famous Players for PC

  1. Window Media Player: – This player is supported by every window in the computer. It supports all versions of tracks. Mainly sounds are of Mp3 version. It is easily supported by this player. It has feature skins which make good display over PC.
  2. ITunes Player: – it is mainly used for Apple products such as mobile phones, iPod etc. we can play music by attach iPod with this player. It’s not like by everyone. It does not provide feature like WMP.
  3. Winamp:– Winamp is player which supports mp3 tracks also provides various features like Audio equalizer, audio processors, visualizations etc.
  4. Media Monkey Player: – Its great app which organise the music player. It’s provided feature of rename the tracks name or edit ID3. It supports all versions.
  5. VLC Player: –it is full package of all music files. We can play Mp3, mp4,MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV, WMA, 3GP, MKV etc. it provides feature of live streaming.

Electronic Tabla: Music Sophistication That is Worth Your Time

People who are starting to dabble in tabla music can increase their repertoire by indulging in the very rich arena of world music. When we talk about music, we are not merely talking about singing and playing musical tracks. The hardcore musicians play musical instruments.

The normal route is to start it with a musical instrument in guitar. Why not increase your range to include a percussion instrument called electronic tabla music? Through it, you are not only dealing with a mere exotic instrument, you are also digging through a little bit of the Indian culture.

Tabla, which comes from the Arabic word tabl: meaning drum, is an popular piece of percussion in the Indian subcontinent. It is also an important musical instrument in popular, classical and religious circles of the Hindustani people. The instrument is a curious combination of a pair of two hand drums of different sizes and contrasting timbres.

The uncertain history of the instrument points to it being regularly paired with the other popular Indian instrument called sitar. As been said, there are two drums in a set of tabla: the smaller one is called dayan while the bigger one is called bayan. Dayan is played with the dominant hand (meaning if you are a lefty, you use the left hand for dayan) while the other hand is for bayan. This playing mechanism makes the tabla to have distinct range, rhythm and tone when played along. While learning to play tabla takes a decent amount of serious practice, the playing techniques depends on the extensive use of the palms and fingers in various combinations to create a variety of sounds. For the beginners, you can just thump yourself away with the tabla.

In the Western world, the more popular variation is the use of technology to enhance the sound of tabla. Electronic tabla, also known as Etabla, uses technology to recreate the genuine sound that is patterned after the Indian instrument. Due to its ability to produce varying and sophisticated music, Etabla is suitable for solo or group performances. It is also great for dance rhythm if you are after the more groovy tunes.

The technical aspect of Etabla is difficult to describe on paper but it has digitizing sensors that are positioned just like the traditional tabla technique of the Indian percussion. The electronic sensors convert hand slaps and finger strikes to binary codes which can be read by computers. The binary codes are then triggered to produce real sound and graphics of a tabla music. Many online sellers distribute pieces of electronic tabla for around $300. You can sample the kind of sound of this instrument in the Website.

Having Punjabi Music

For quite some time now, Punjabi music was able to maintain in gaining new shape and moreover, selected as a new factor while another genre of singers are starting to progress. Anytime you are going to search for the Punjabi songs’ history, you will come to realize that it is the Punjabi’s folk songs and bhangra dance that caused them to have those achievements. However a whole new trend has been included for the Punjabi music and people in this part of the world appears to be liberal enough, as they have recognized this new trend completely. In Punjabi music music, you are simply like studying other musical patterns for the reason that it entails a lot of techniques and skills.

As soon as you are studying Punjabi music, you will have to have 3 important things and these are commitment, effort, and skills. Having a career as a Punjabi singer may draw in more accomplishments for you.A great number of new styles have been added to the Punjabi music as time passed by thus making those techniques difficult to learn. Yet, majority of the Punjabi singers in India most likely are professional in their field. Such singers are producing a lot of hype in the world of music due to their awesome voice as well as style. They are genuinely distinct and such individuals are created with a distinct characteristic.Do not forget that when you are looking for energetic songs, Punjabi music is the answer. If you want to become a Punjabi singer, you ought to have that excitement, energy, as well as that desire to show off all throughout the performance. For you to discover more when it comes to new Punjabi singers as well as their 3gpking video songs, you might want to go online. There are a great number of new Punjabi singers coming out and all of them are trying their very best to come up with the most awesome songs for the people. These individuals are showing guts as well as attitude on the stage and have always attempted to set the stage on fire with their every move.

In the Punjab region in Southeast Asia, they have this kind of music and dance that is full of energy called the Bhangra. The Bhangra lyrics is based on the long and chaotic history of Punjab, and in addition, being aware of the Punjabi history gives away essential learnings in the meaning of music. Whereas Bhangra began as part of the harvest festival celebrations, and it became part of this different occasions as New Year as well as weddings celebrations. Furthermore, Bhangra progessively became well known throughout the world, not only in its traditional form but also during its fusion with genres similar to hiphop, house music, and reggae.

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